First Aid

First aid is a term used to describe the first care that an injured or severely ill person receives. First aid represents measures that can be taken to help those who cannot help themselves. First aid is not meant to take the place of skilled medical attention. Rather, it is designed as a way to stabilize and care for someone until definitive medical treatment can be found.

First aid techniques can save lives, and are usually simple to perform, with minimal, uncomplicated equipment. Knowing first aid can mean the difference between life and death.

Bravo Zulu makes it easy for anyone to learn First Aid. We give you all the information on how to do it and plenty of opportunity to practice your skills so that you can feel confident in the event of an emergency – and help save a life.

Our instructors are all experienced EMTs (Emergency Medical Technicians) or Paramedics with many years of street experience to their credit. They are also experienced trainers passionate about teaching lifesaving procedures.

We serve the New York metropolitan area providing quality on-site training at the location of your choice. We bring our training programs to:

  • businesses
  • groups
  • organizations
  • families
  • houses of worship
  • anyone interested in helping save a life

We are authorized through the following internationally recognized entities to provide the highest quality emergency care instruction: